Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Tag: Spiritual


The pandemic has brought hopelessness and despair, but "The Blessing" brings hope and favour.

Festival of Faith renews Avondale students’ commitments to Christ

A week of spiritual emphasis held at Avondale College has seen 10 students requesting baptism and nearly 30 students committing their lives to service.

Prayer blockers

Prayer is supposed to be a key spiritual discipline. Then why is it so hard sometimes?

Health and happiness

There should be no such thing as a Seventh-day Adventist church that does not uphold principles of health.

Spiritual feed

Once again Jesus takes compassion on the crowd. He takes action and meets their physical needs when no one else is going to.

Healing hands

Ever waited in a doctors waiting room or emergency department at a hospital? Once they are sure that your not dying, you’re pretty much in for a long wait.
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