Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Wise disciples for Jesus

Dr Raul Lozano discusses the impact of Adventist education on discipleship.

Cheap forgiveness

"Of course God will forgive me," said German romantic poet Heinrich Heine on his death bed. "That's His job." Dr Norman Young, however, suggests God's forgiveness is no such easy-going indulgence.

The investigative judgement and our assurance

Assurance of salvation is an issue for Seventh-day Adventists. Why?

Saved in every way

Pastor Glenn Townend opens up about his terminal disease.

Adventists: Heirs to the Reformation

Justification: "to make righteous", or "to declare righteous"? Errol Webster discusses the two radically different views.

What makes us “great”

What makes a church, and its leaders, great by the Bible’s measure?

Slave by choice

Jesus has paid the price to set us free—but does the way we live really reflect that truth?

Faith the focus of Annual Council opening

One hundred and twenty-five years after the Seventh-day Adventist Church began its focus on righteousness by faith, global leaders of the 17-million member movement gathered to hear calls for consistent, expressive faith in the merits of Jesus.

It could have been different

Turn your mental clock back 10 years to 2003. Where were you? What memories stand out for you about that year? For some of you this may be an easy thing to do, while others a more painful exercise.

Transaction that seals the deal

We know that Easter is not observed on the dates of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. But on this Sabbath, I am going to reflect on what He has done for us anyway.
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