Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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San delivers baby bonus to new parents

In an Australian first, Sydney Adventist Hospital and health insurance fund HCF have joined forces to offer a "no-gap" package that will save expectant parents thousands of dollars.

Good news and glad tidings

It's been a big year! God has been working miracles in the Stackelroth household; next year might be even bigger.

Abortion law: Adventist leaders active behind the scenes

Seventh-day Adventist leaders are corresponding with politicians and working together with other Christian organisations as the New South Wales state parliament considers a bill to remove abortion from its criminal code.

Natural beauty products bringing women to church

It's amazing what a little pampering can do for someone in pain.

Iodine: What is it, and why do I need it?

Young and old, and you and I . . . all of us, need iodine.

‘Infertility. It’s hard when you’re a Christian . . .’

Adventist Record editor Jarrod Stackelroth describes the "cyclone of emotions" he and his wife have endured while facing a possibly childless future.

Health Facts: eating during pregnancy

Did you know that what a mum eats during pregnancy can influence the risk of her child developing heart disease even 40 years later?

The pregnancy diaries—The diagnosis (Part 2)

The diagnosis was in: gestational diabetes. Melody blamed herself. Little did she know God had been preparing her for this long before she even became pregnant.

The pregnancy diaries—The diagnosis (Part 1)

"It's slightly abnormal" is probably the last thing any expecting mother wants to hear from her obstetrician.

The pregnancy diaries—The dilemma

For Melody and her husband, taking an optional nuchal translucency test—to determine their baby's risk of Down syndrome—resulted in more questions than answers.
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