Friday, October 30, 2020
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Stories versus stereotypes

Maryellen Fairfax reflects on her recent "dentist-appointment-turned-life-lesson".

Nurture and fellowship challenge

Pastor Glenn Townend highlights a serious problem taking place in our churches.

Screenshots: Why you can’t trust what you see

In the end—and in every situation—we never know the whole story.

28 Fundamentals: A church with no walls

Braden Blyde says it's time to begin breaking down the walls of church—the physical and chronological, and even the theoretical ones too. (Fundamental Belief #12)

A stone in the shoe

Five practical tips for using apologetics.

Church is not just about God

A church isn't a church without the people.

Keeping church local

We are called to be churches—not church buildings—in our local communities.

The with-ness of God; the them-ness of “us”

We are called to praise God for so many of His attributes—His love, power, holiness, justice, goodness, transcendence—but among this list we should not forget the with-ness of God.

When politics is no longer an excuse

The drawing shown above is disturbing. What’s more disturbing is it was created by a seven-year-old. There are times when human need should take precedence over politics.

In praise of empty churches

Seeking a sacred atmosphere? Find an empty church.
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