Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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The elder as ‘discipler’ (Part 1)

Pastor Glenn Townend expresses his gratitude for a kindly elder who had his back . . . out in the Outback.

‘Dear Pastor . . .’

A tribute to pastors across the South Pacific Division.

Watered-down sermons

Are modern pastors preaching like Ellen White?


Pastoral care: Whose responsibility is it anyway?

Adventists ‘equipped for service’ in Vanuatu

Thirteen Adventist lay pastors from across Vanuatu are the first recipients of Fulton College’s new Certificate in Theology.

Think&Do in practice: The impact of Avondale’s appeal for research

Avondale’s giving campaign uses a phrase from founder Ellen White to seek support for research that improves lives, but where is the evidence?


For Pastor Glenn Townend, singing and praising God are windows to the heart.

Empower 2018: AUC Ministers’ Meetings

From Thursday Island to Hobart, Norfolk Island to Broome, and the remote Finke church in the middle of the outback, more than 500 pastors and their spouses recently gathered at Avondale College for these special meetings.

A step further

To many congregations, the pastor’s spouse is no more than an unpaid volunteer.

Shifting gears: Book moves into second printing

An Avondale seminarian’s book describing the local church as the future of Seventh-day Adventism is in its second printing only two months after launching.
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