Friday, August 6, 2021
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Tag: parables series

Living Kingdom: The lost camera

Everywhere around us, there are people lost in their sins and who are waiting to be found.

Living Kingdom: Am I a terrible tenant?

Is it possible we may share more in common with the wicked tenants than the ones the landowner replaces them with?

Living Kingdom: Stretched for His kingdom

The parable of the new wineskins is more than just about wine and wineskins. It’s about Jesus, the kingdom of heaven and me.

Living Kingdom: Called to bear fruit

In terms of declaring God in a secular society, genuine Christian living is our best tool, maybe even our only hope.

Living Kingdom: Hoarding up the gospel

The Parable of the Rich Man warns those of us who have been spiritually fed of being too eager for the second coming.

Living Kingdom: What am I worth?

According to Olivia Fairfax, pride and self-deprecation are not as dissimilar as one might originally think . . .
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