Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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French Polynesia hit hardest by COVID-19 in the Pacific

An Adventist family have contracted the virus, bringing the national total to 42 cases.

Thousands trained in evangelism and Bible reading across the Pacific

Youth from the Trans Pacific Union Mission have learned how to read their Bibles, prepare sermons, conduct cell-phone evangelism and disciple families.

Pacific Partnership Scholarship: Meet Dr Vakamocea

The lifestyle medicine scholar is the face of Adventist health in Fiji.

‘I survived – just’: Record editor’s ADRA fun run challenge

Record editor Jarrod Stackelroth puts his best foot forward in the “Making Heroes” ADRA NZ charity run.

Pacific leaders come together

From time to time I hear comments about the amount of time church leaders spend in meetings.

Pacific island church leaders meet

Seventh-day Adventist leaders from the nations of the South Pacific met at the denomination’s regional headquarters in Sydney today for the annual Pacific Administrators Council.

South Pacific entities are world class

Adventist world President, Pr Ted Wilson, has toured four of the church's key businesses in Australia. All four are core to the mission of the church in health, education and communication.

Hope Channel promotes revival

Viewers of Hope Channel, will find inspiration and motivation from church leaders during a year-end series of programs on spiritual revival and reformation.
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