French Polynesia hit hardest by COVID-19 in the Pacific

(Credit: Unsplash)

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An Adventist family have contracted coronavirus (COVID-19) in French Polynesia, bringing the number of cases in the nation to 42, making it the worst-affected Pacific Island country according to online statistics.

French Polynesia Mission president Pastor Roger Tetanui has reported that the mission office is closed and that church employees are working from home due to increasing government restrictions.

“During the day, you have to have an authorisation to go out to buy something. Just one person can go to the shop. If you do not follow that, you have to pay $A200, and if you do not follow again, you must pay $1000 or go to jail. It is very strict,” he said.

Pastor Tetanui has sent a letter to all of the Adventist churches in the country, announcing that Sabbath services are now cancelled until further notice due to these restrictions.

“We joined to the letter a few passages from the Bible and The Great Controversy—especially passages about the end time,” he said.

Currently, churches are using Zoom and other online platforms to stream their services for members who have internet at home. For those who do not have internet, national and local television channels are broadcasting sermons from Seventh-day Adventist churches on Sabbaths at noon.

The Adventist family that have contracted COVID-19 are currently self-quarantining at home and are in good condition. At this point, no deaths have occurred as a result of COVID-19 in French Polynesia.

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