Friday, October 23, 2020
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Rotary’s highest honour awarded to an Adventist

Dennis Perry was recognised for his exceptional community service.

Early learning centre continues to grow

The new Operation Food For Life early learning centre in the remote Papua New Guinea village of Kivori-Poi is continuing to grow, after its official opening in February.

Operation Food for Life opens early learning school

A new early learning centre has been established by independent ministry Operation Food for Life in the remote Papua New Guinea village of Kivori-Poi.

Cool relief for worshipping prisoners

Prisoners at Bomana Maximum Unit Church in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, can now worship in the comfort of cool blowing air.

NSW Government honours Operation Food For Life founder Dennis Perry

A retired Seventh-day Adventist businessman who has dedicated the past two decades to helping the poorest of the poor has received a prestigious honour from the NSW Government.

Literacy school continues to expand

A large open air classroom was one of a number of buildings recently opened at the Rob and Jan Patterson Literacy School in the village of Wildlife near Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

PNG Governor-General pays tribute to OFFL

Papua New Guinea Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio has honoured Operation Food for Life (OFFL) for its years of service to the poor and needy by agreeing to be its patron.

Salt of the earth

As I write I am on board a commercial plane travelling to celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Adventist aviation in Goroka, Papua New Guinea.

The man who died thrice

He shouldn’t be here. Before the age of 20, Dennis Perry should have died three times. Yet his firm handshake testifies to the fact that he is still very much alive.

Extension opened at PNG literacy school

Australian High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea (PNG) Ms Deborah Stokes opened an extension at the Rob and Jan Patterson Literacy School in Port Moresby earlier this month.
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