Cool relief for worshipping prisoners

Dennis Perry and Jim Hawkins presenting the fans.

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Prisoners at Bomana Maximum Unit Church in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, can now worship in the comfort of cool blowing air.

Operation Food For Life (OFFL) president Dennis Perry and vice president Jim Hawkins donated two industrial fans during a recent visit to the prison.

Mr Perry, a retired Sydney Adventist businessman who started OFFL, said the prisoners had previously been worshipping in extremely hot and uncomfortable conditions.

“Donating the fans is not what we do often but is consistent with OFFL’s ministry of feeding those in need physically, spiritually and meeting the emotional needs of those we serve,” he said. “Without the distraction of intense heat and humidity, the prisoners can now focus more on the Word of God during the church service.”

The church is located within the prison’s maximum unit area and housed in a small brick building built most likely during the colonial period.  The building usually caters for up to 40 prisoners, often reaching up to 70.

Meanwhile, in other OFFL news, children living at the OFFL Born Free Sanctuary have been brought together by music.

Operation Food For Life Born Free Praise is a new gospel singing group comprised of children from the sanctuary, which provides 24/7 accommodation and schooling for at-risk children in Port Moresby.


“Some of these children would not be alive today or find themselves destined to a life of uncertainty had it not been for the sanctuary, which opened last year,” Mr Perry said. “Every child who comes to the sanctuary has a ‘back story’. Many are tragic, including being beaten up by a parent with a heavy duty metal object or witnessing a parent murdered. Some children are brought to us because their family are no longer able to care for them.”

There are currently 18 girls and eight boys living at the Born Free Sanctuary.
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