Operation Food For Life vehicle damaged by rock-throwing youths

OFFL PNG directors Philip and Maureen Vaki show some of the damage caused to the vehicle.

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An Operation Food For Life (OFFL) husband and wife team has been left shaken but undeterred after their vehicle was targeted by rock-throwing youths in Papua New Guinea.

OFFL PNG directors Philip and Maureen Vaki were on their way to deliver food, clothing and other supplies to storm-affected villages near Kivori Poe, when the OFFL vehicle was hit by stones thrown by intoxicated youths.

“The stones damaged the vehicle and broke a window,” OFFL founder Dennis Perry said.

Fortunately, the couple was unharmed. “They are shaken but not deterred,” Mr Perry said.

After the incident, Mr and Mrs Vaki continued on their journey to assist families in a remote area near Kivori Poe, where a devastating storm struck over the Christmas/New Year period, destroying many homes.

Mr Vaki presenting food, mattresses, pillows, roofing iron, clothing, pots, pans and new tarpaulins to families.

“Satan may try to discourage us. However he is mistaken,” Mr Vaki said. “While we knowingly enter areas of risk, we know God is protecting us.

“Ruffians may break our glass but they will not break our spirit or passion in serving others less fortunate in the name of Jesus.”

Mr Perry said these types of incidents were sadly all too common. “For over 20 years we have had and faced so many instances like this,” he said. “Rocks thrown through the windscreen of our vehicle, being attacked by ruffians on drugs, life-threatening incidents, is all in a day’s work for us, in a country that is becoming increasingly difficult to move around for personal safety.

“We have to expect this will happen and will continue to do so, as we do God’s work.”

OFFL is an independent ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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