Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Contextualising the gospel

Just like Jesus was able to target His message towards the needs and desires of the people of His time, the modern church needs to do the same.

Park Ridge’s ‘Adopt-a-Clinic’ involvement results in 42 baptisms

The local church's commitment to rural health initiatives has strengthened community spirit in Papua New Guinea and at home in Queensland.

Avondale Memorial mission trip to Mongolia

Balomaa Cherry is a Mongolian church member with a passion for taking the gospel back to her people.

Adventist school students help Cambodian children access better education

Students from Carmel Adventist College and Landsdale Christian College (WA) have helped build a library for children in Cambodia.

Beulah College blessed by visiting mission trip team

The visitors helped out with a number of school maintenance projects, provided free dental check-ups and hosted evangelistic meetings.

BAC students minister in Solomon Islands

Fourteen students from Brisbane Adventist College were able to experience first-hand ministry on their recent Sonship Mission trip to Solomon Islands.

School transformed by fly’n’build

A team from Australia recently transformed Tenakoga Adventist High School, Solomon Islands, in two weeks, providing running water and reliable electricity.

Mission success in Peru

A small group of volunteers from Australia and Colombia travelled to the Sacred Valley of the Incas as part of a mission trip known as Project Peru.

A million for mission

Youth from the Potoroki church in Port Vila, Vanuatu, huddled on the floor of the ship’s meagre passengers’ quarters as the deafening 3m high waves came crashing down around them.

Summer of service

“It’s early in the morning; the humidity is stifling; the rain pours down.” Anastasia Benton and 15 other students from Avondale College of Higher Education are huddling together under a small tin roof on the boat they will call home for the next two days
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