Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Tag: Micah Australia

An hour in their shoes

Ashley Stanton explores the line between self-preservation and service to others.

Christian charities welcome news of children off Nauru

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency is among those welcoming the Prime Minister's announcement.

Adventist voices speak for Australian aid

Four representatives and supporters of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Australia joined more than 200 Christians from across Australia.

Redeeming politics

"Well, what do we expect from politicians anyway?" Nathan Brown suggests Christians that have an apathetic attitude towards politics are failing in their responsibilities to participate in and contribute to the collective life and wellbeing of society.

Confessions of a failing lobbyist

Failures happen. Hope always remains.

On the road with ADRA

Nathan Brown goes on the road with ADRA Australia, finding out more about their advocacy and development work and how they are impacting communities locally and abroad.

Kiribati Adventist youth urge greater climate action

Two Adventist young people from Kiribati have shared stories of how climate change is impacting their nation and called for greater action against climate change as guests of the “Voices for Justice” conference, hosted by Micah Australia in Canberra on November 19–21.

Candidates challenged on foreign aid cuts

On the eve of Australia’s Federal Election, candidates for the Sydney seat of Bradfield have been challenged to take a stand against cuts to the nation's foreign aid program.

Prayers for Australia’s leaders

Over the coming week hundreds of Christians around the country will gather together in worship and prayer for Australia’s leaders, the nation and the world at election prayer and worship gatherings coordinated by Micah Australia.

ADRA condemns Australian aid budget cuts

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency Australia has condemned the federal government’s scheduled $A224 million cut to overseas aid that makes Australia’s aid budget the least generous in its history.
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