Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Croatian ambassador attends memorial concert for Adventist pastor

Pastor Frederik Miler lost his battle with bone marrow cancer last July.

Remembering Michael Chamberlain

Memorial a reminder of how Michael Chamberlain looked for good in an imperfect world.

Milestones and memories: graduates of Avondale honour deceased classmates

Part of a gift by graduates of Avondale has this year honoured classmates who died before completing their studies at the college of higher education.


A dirty dawn breaks over the memorial park, and James Standish stands by his father’s grave. In this moment he is reminded of two things: the tragedy of death, and the triumph of hope in Jesus.


This year is the 50th anniversary of Adventist aviation in the South Pacific.

Lest we forget

For three years, Pastor Peter Knopper and his family had served the people of Homu in the highlands of PNG. They were the ideal missionary family in the prime of their lives. Then, on March 16, 1988, it all came to a most brutal and abrupt end.


“You know what happens to your articles the day after they’re read, don’t you,” quipped a veteran Washington journalist to me a few years back. “They end up lining bird cages!”


My family left Australia when I was two years old to serve our first term of mission service.

Greater love hath no man

Are we willing to make that sacrifice, to take up our cross and follow Him?

See you soon, Arthur

Dr Arthur Patrick “lived in constant fear of eulogy” but family and friends ignored this during a celebration of the life of the Avondale alumnus.
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