Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Tags Lloyd Grolimund

Tag: Lloyd Grolimund

Homecoming from home: Avondale connects alumni online

First online-only format broadens reach of annual alumni gathering.

Revelation Bible studies spike as people search for meaning during COVID-19

Thousands of Adventists and seekers are tuning into online Revelation Bible studies, both within Australia and across the world.

New Hope devastated by theft and arson attack

Thieves stole thousands of dollars of film equipment from a shipping container and trailer before setting the trailer on fire.

New Hope finds a new home

New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church hopes to be able to better serve their community from a new venue in Western Sydney.

Sydney church launches ministry for members

A church in Sydney has launched a new ministry specifically to help church members.

Aussie Pastor winning souls for Christ

Just 10 months after launching on free-to-air TV, Pastor Lloyd Grolimund’s The Aussie Pastor series has hit 20,000 viewers and received international recognition.

New Adventist series on free-to-air TV

A new TV series highlighting Adventist beliefs will launch on free-to-air television in Australia on Sunday (October 2).

How to save a snake catcher

Meet Les—the snake catcher who was caught by God.

New arrivals

There’s a lot to consider when you’re planning for a new arrival. What will it look like? What will it need? And how will you look after it?
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