Faith FM launches in western Sydney

Members of the Greater Sydney Conference office team at the launch.

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A special dedication service was held on May 3 at the Greater Sydney Conference (GSC) office to launch Faith FM in western Sydney.

The service was attended in-person and via Zoom and coincided with a live on-air launch featuring Faith FM content and promotions manager Pastor Robbie Berghan and presenters Pastor Lloyd Grolimund and Andrew Hunt, who gave a warm welcome to the new western Sydney listeners.

“We are blessed to be part of this opportunity,” said GSC president Pastor Alban Matohiti. “It came out of the blue but in God’s work nothing comes out of the blue. Everything has come together and we are very fortunate to be here today and be able to share in this moment.”

Faith FM now has more than 200 stations across Australia and the launch into western Sydney will provide an additional potential audience of 1.2 million people. To establish this mission initiative, GSC has used some of the funds from the sale of its former headquarters in Epping.

Pastors Robbie Berghan and Lloyd Grolimund in the studio during the live on-air launch.

“It’s really exciting to see this radio station coming in and being part of the mission and we know that western Sydney is such a huge area and I’m sure that it’s going to be great tool to increase all the efforts to spread the gospel, ” said GSC ministerial secretary Pastor Andre Vieira.

Pastor Berghan said Faith FM has experienced incredible growth over the past five months. “By partnering with South Queensland, South NSW and Greater Sydney conferences, in particular, we have seen the expansion of coverage into Canberra, the establishment of our 200th broadcast site near Toowoomba, and now with Sydney, God is rapidly providing us with opportunities to increase our national footprint.”

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Greater Sydney Conference CFO Colin Raymond and ministerial secretary Pastor Andre Vieira cut the ribbon.
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