Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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The Oliver interview—Part 1

So, you think you know what’s on Dr Barry Oliver’s mind? You may be surprised as you read this interview with the president of the South Pacific Division.

When God does something new

With deepest sincerity a first-century Jewish man could pray: “Thank you God that I was not born a Gentile, thank you God that I was not born a slave, thank you God that I was not born a woman."

Plant and it will grow (if you avoid my mistakes)

Birthing new churches is a lot like the survival of a species. Just as there must be more births than deaths for a species to survive, so too, there must be more churches planted than dying if the Church is to survive.

Women in leadership

Erna Johnson is the director of Adventist Women’s Ministries for the South Pacific Division. She is s especially concerned about abuse both inside and outside the Church. “Seeing and hearing about abused women within our churches both saddens and angers m
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