Monday, January 25, 2021
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Tag: Jerusalem


An analysis of the iconic city's three eras.

Book launch shares stories of journeying in the footsteps of Jesus

Of Falafels and Following Jesus takes the reader on a journey through the Holy Land.

The Ten: Biblical places that still exist today

You know of Egypt. What about Malta and Ephesus? These are just a few of the biblical places that you can still visit today.

Nehemiah’s surprising leadership lessons

There is no such thing as stupid question. To get answers, you have to ask.

Being a Schindler

Is Australia a nation of Schindlers, or a nation of T W Whites?

Christmas blessing

They sat like two children, playing on the steps, outside Jerusalem’s temple. The game they played wasn’t one of competition or make-believe. It was a game children don’t play well. But they weren’t children, yet they laughed as they played.

Face your Jerusalem

Fear is one of the strongest human emotions.
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