Monday, October 26, 2020
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Tag: human rights

Abortion law: Adventist leaders active behind the scenes

Seventh-day Adventist leaders are corresponding with politicians and working together with other Christian organisations as the New South Wales state parliament considers a bill to remove abortion from its criminal code.

Religious liberty: worth fighting for

What happens when commonly held societal values collide with deeply ingrained Christian values like traditional marriage and the right for Adventist schools to preserve their special character?

Adventist leader discusses sexuality with UN

Dr Ganoune Diop, the top religious freedom advocate of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, spoke to a high-level United Nations conference about the various views of human sexuality in light of the Bible’s teachings.

Balancing rights

We are now seeing played out in the United States and Canada a triumphalist approach to the imposition of LGBT rights in which there are winners and losers, with the religious community being the obvious losers. Is Australia next?

Leaders talk religious freedom at roundtable

Tim Wilson, Australian Human Rights Commissioner, convened a day-long roundtable meeting on religious freedom in Sydney on Thursday.

Religious freedoms shrinking worldwide

Seventh-day Adventists face challenges observing the Sabbath in nearly every corner of the Earth as religious freedoms grow increasingly restrictive and less stable worldwide, according to a new Adventist Church study.

When politics is no longer an excuse

The drawing shown above is disturbing. What’s more disturbing is it was created by a seven-year-old. There are times when human need should take precedence over politics.

Church set for religious freedom roundtable

The debate over religious freedom has become an ideological battleground. The natural temptation is to raise the drawbridge and prepare for siege warfare. But it’s the wrong response.

Doom and Glare

Have you heard of the “Doomsday Clock”? Well, it's about time you did. Because it just ticked over to 3 minutes to midnight.

Robespierre’s shadow

Good intentions are only really "good" when they take into consideration basic human rights and freedoms.
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