Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Tag: Hope Radio

Kiribati: A sign of eternal life in the blue lagoon

In line with the Trans Pacific Union Mission's harvesting vision, more than sixty people were baptised into the Adventist Church in Kiribati in July.

Hope Radio puts Kiribati President on the path to good health

The Kiribati President and First Lady are participating in CHIP after tuning in to the local Hope Radio station.

Kiribati radio station bringing Hope to many people

A listener survey has found that many people who have been tuning in to Hope Radio are now seeking Bible studies.

Remote church rededicated in Kiribati

The mission of the Church is advancing in Kiribati in the face of significant challenges.

President tunes in to Hope Radio Kiribati

Hope Radio in Kiribati can count the country's president and Cabinet secretary among its listeners.

Gift of Hope for Fiji’s Hindi speakers

Seventh-day Adventist media operators in Fiji are looking at ways to reach the almost 50 per cent of the country’s population who are of Indian descent.
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