Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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The investigative judgement and our assurance

Assurance of salvation is an issue for Seventh-day Adventists. Why?

28 Fundamentals: Selfish mind sickness

No matter who you are, or how self-centred your mind has become, know this: you have been "sozo'ed". (Fundamental Belief #10)

Review: The Curse

This true story "pulls back the curtain on the world in which we live, reminding us that every choice we make matters."

Adventists: Heirs to the Reformation

Justification: "to make righteous", or "to declare righteous"? Errol Webster discusses the two radically different views.

What grace gave

Cut the roots and the tree will fall. Does the same fate await Western civilisation?


Solomon said words can “pierce like swords”. He was right. Words can kill, and sometimes all it takes is a single thrust.


Paul Fua's life has been much like his epic adventure around Australia on a jet ski. There have been many ups and downs, but—by the grace of God—it's been one heck of a good ride.

An affirmation of creative worship

The Institute of Worship is partnering with Manifest to present a creativity in worship stream at next month’s creative arts festival (Avondale College of Higher Education, March 20-22). But what and who is the institute, and for what does it stand?

Grace . . . again

You may remember that a recent Insight column dealt with the need for all of us to be gracious to one another and others.

Grace is only grace when it’s gracious

Do not talk about grace if you do not intend to be gracious.
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