A psalm of grace

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Deliver me, O Lord, from cool and graceless places where the righteous cluster often to adjust their reputations. Save me from gatherings where no pulses ever quicken, where no tears are ever shed, where sinners are not swallowed up in oversized embraces. Keep me from walking into snares where theology is scrutinised, but no-one wants to hear of Your tenacious love for me.

Surround me, God, with those who know the pain of brokenness—and know how rich Your healing is. Encircle me with men and women unafraid of dirt—with those who know the words of hope. And do not let me stray from them.

Appoint my steps to walk beside—among—the hurting and disheartened, for I will call to mind Your grace each time I recognise their pain. Anoint my lips with silence when I’m tempted to compare myself to those who just began their journey.

Your grace is how I seek to live—to laugh, to weep, to learn, to grow—among the many You are saving. I want no better friends than those who pray with humbled heart: “Be merciful to me, a sinner.”

Then my lips will sing Your songs: my heart will strike a higher key. Among those ransomed by Your love, my voice will be both loud and clear:

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me;
Bless His holy name.”

So may I always walk with You, and stay in grace.

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Bill Knott is editor of Adventist Review.

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