Thursday, October 22, 2020
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The paralysed God: Omnipotent or impotent?

Is God as all-powerful and all-loving as we think?

‘God could zap us out of eternity, and yet . ....

"How great is our God?" When was the last time you actually stopped and really pondered that question?


Is perfection attainable?

Glory in the lowest

Yes, the celebration of Christmas has pagan roots. But that might actually be a good thing.

Misunderstanding Job’s wife

Throughout history Job’s wife has been maligned. But have we got her all wrong, all along?


One small note, passed after the church service, made a huge impact on this church leader and caused him to ask some tough questions.

Real worship

When it comes to worship, it's not the "how" that counts but the "Who".

I am your Father

Star Wars. Thor. Back to the Future. Finding Nemo. It's amazing how the emotional tone of a movie—and a life—is often determined by the kind of father involved.

Finding the Silva lining

Michelle Silva hit rock bottom five years ago. This past Sabbath (July 9) she hit the waters of a baptismal pool. Her life is proof that God brings his children home.

The pregnancy diaries—Day 1

Signs of the Times associate editor Melody Tan is expecting her first child. Yet she's still wondering about the point of having children.
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