Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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The new necessary

Which do we upgrade more often: our standard of living or our standard of giving?

Sabbath school class raises funds for Kurdish widow

Inspired by last quarter's Sabbath School lessons on "The Least of These", Macksville church members put theory into action.

ADRA Appeal still making an impact

ADRA Australia's senior fundraising manager Aleksandra Ewing discusses why support for the ADRA Appeal is declining, and how churches can get involved during this month's "Knocktober" campaign.

Manure in my wallet

It may be gross, but it can also do a lot of good.

28 Fundamentals: Radical gardeners

While tithing is important, of greater significance is tending to "the least of these" around us. (Fundamental Belief #21)

But what about tomorrow?

What's more important: being a blessing today or planning for the future?

Money matters

In order for us to be "cheerful givers", we actually have to give.

Reclaiming Christmas

There seems to be some confusion among Christians, and especially Adventists, about how to celebrate Christmas and what it really means.

Ask thy neighbour?

Joseph’s* ADRA Appeal bag carried a satisfying weight but if he was honest the thought of another street of mixed responses was starting to play on his mind. He didn’t expect what happened next.

God doesn’t need our money

Not long ago I met a friend at a café. We had a pleasant time with pleasant talk and at the end we walked to the cash register to pay our pleasant bill.
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