Sunday, September 27, 2020
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The Table: young families the focus of new lifestyle TV series

Get ready to join us at The Table.

“I’ve joined Facebook!”

Pastor Glenn Townend "likes" the ministry potential of social media.

You can’t hashtag love

The challenge of loving offline in an online world.

Tools of his trade

Random fact for the week: Millennials spend one day a week on their mobile phones. While shocking, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Showing off

A seflie with Jesus?


The social media storm over the "War on Christmas" has begun, with "stupid Christians" being blamed for the swell of negativity.

Screen Free Challenge

What's more important—time with family or time on Facebook? The Church's upcoming Week of Prayer is the perfect opportunity to both unplug and reconnect.

. . . But I shall want

Wanting almost comes as naturally to us as breathing. But coveting is certainly not an “acceptable sin”.

Digital disconnect

The digital paradigm is changing how we relate to society, families, friends and God.

Global Youth Day sets social media ablaze

Last Saturday’s Global Youth Day was the single largest international mobilisation of Seventh-day Adventists through social media, said Gilbert Cangy, the world church’s Youth Ministries director.
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