“I’ve joined Facebook!”

The president is online.

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I wasn’t even on Facebook yet Facebook kept sending me emails from people, some I knew and some I didn’t, who wanted to be my Facebook friends. It seems that soon after I became the South Pacific Division president somebody decided that I needed a Facebook page and made one for me. My wife, children, parents, other relatives and friends are on Facebook and shared interesting snippets and pictures from friends, but I did not have time for anything else in my life. I still don’t have the time but I joined Facebook this year. Why the change? [pullquote]

Pressure. Family and colleagues—especially those younger than me—suggested I needed to use all the mediums possible to reach all the different people in the Church and community. In the open question time at the SPD annual meetings last November I was challenged to be more relevant to the younger generations and Facebook is one of the methods that most younger people all over the Pacific use. One of my favourite Bible verses for many years has been Colossians 4:5 (TNIV): “Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity.” So I have decided to make the most of the Facebook connection opportunity. Not for myself but for the cause that I live for—Jesus and His expanding discipleship movement.

So now I have a Facebook page. It’s not a personal page but rather a public page. Linden Chuang from Adventist Media helps manage it. So you probably won’t see what I’m eating or who I have met or what I’m doing unless it has something to do with Jesus’ work. I will be highlighting people I’ve met who have decided to follow Jesus or people working on a new ministry project or an important decision made by a committee or an insight from Scripture. You are welcome to follow the journey: www.facebook.com/SPDpresident.

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