The Table: young families the focus of new lifestyle TV series

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After months of fine tuning and hard work, Adventist Media’s The Table officially launches this month. A women’s panel lifestyle TV show covering issues of family, health, faith and social trends, The Table fits well within Adventist Media’s commitment to reach young families with an interest in spirituality and wholistic living but who have no current faith commitment.

“If people from this target group come into contact with the Adventist community as a result of what they have seen and heard, they will likely find a multitude of resources to assist them with their everyday concerns,” says assistant producer Kent Kingston. “Playgroups, school holiday programs, Adventurers, Pathfinders, Adventist schools, Sabbath School and a friendly bunch of like-minded parents in a similar stage of life.”

Accordingly, the focus of marketing for The Table will be YouTube—the place people go to find entertainment, practical tips and answers—although it will also air on Hope Channel. Alongside this will be a strong social media presence, led by Facebook, and a website with all kinds of extra video clips and articles that link with the topics discussed on the show.

“We’re placing a lot of emphasis on social media because most young parents are in the millennial generation,” explains Mr Kingston. “So when we’re trying to connect with young families, we need to be in the places where millennials are.”

The Table is not a video series that features preaching or Bible study. Instead, the producers aim to show how a biblical worldview and a personal relationship with Jesus impacts a Christian’s everyday decisions. There are spiritual discussions and mentions of God and biblical teaching on The Table, but these discussions are integrated into the questions people ask as they navigate ordinary life.

Young mums are front and centre at The Table but the producers also recognise that mums appreciate the perspectives of people in other stages of life.

“There’s something for everyone at The Table,” says assistant producer Vania Chew. “It’s not just panel discussions—we have segments on healthy cooking, fitness, DIY projects and hacks that will make your home life a lot easier.”

This new program has come at a time of change and renewal for Adventist Media. A whole range of new TV studio equipment has been purchased and the rooms connected to the studio have been renovated to provide a “green room” for people preparing to appear on screen. A new modular studio set has been built with reversible panels that can be reconfigured for a variety of different studio-based shows, The Table being the first cab off the rank. An upgrade of the control room will allow the production of programs “live to tape” beginning later this year.

“Equipment and buildings are great, but at Adventist Media the focus is not on the ‘kit’, it’s on how we can build communities for Jesus,” says Adventist Media CEO Kalvin Dever. “We’ve been doing it for years through our courses; now we are updating the way we do it—it’s a long overdue revolution of sorts. That’s why so much focus will be placed on the social platforms—in particular Facebook and YouTube. That’s where our audience is so that is where we are focused.

“A show like this is not possible without a team of people and we have a fantastic team,” adds Mr Dever. “It’s absolutely exciting to see the launch of this new show aimed directly at young parents. 

“You can be part of building the community—check it out on YouTube and Facebook and, better yet, engage with it, make comments, like it, share it and yes, even disagree with it. Together we really can make a difference for Jesus.”      

The Table officially launches and will be available for viewing on February 22.

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Meet the panel

FionaFiona Lelilio-Tiatia

Fiona is a mum of three kids aged under three, including twins—she’s got the positive outlook and sense of humour you’d need to survive in that situation. Fiona has a background in local government and media relations and refuses to jump on board with every latest fad. She’s one of The Table’s hosts.

Rachel-HRachel Humphries

Rachel is an unreformed tomboy and a mum of three primary-aged kids. She loves the outdoors and getting fit, works in a number of part-time jobs and has a background in corporate communications and marketing. Rachel is also a host for The Table.

Rachel-ARachel Lemons Aitken

Rachel isn’t the loudest person in the room but she possesses an intense passion. When she speaks it’s worth listening to. With a background in communication and project management she’s a strategic thinker who can quickly grasp issues and identify solutions. Rachel is now taking on one of the biggest challenges of her life: being a new mum.

MaryellenMaryellen Fairfax

After topping the class in high school, Maryellen is studying a double degree in psychology and law at university. She readily embraces new ideas, is super-keen about being the healthiest she possibly can and is unstoppably idealistic and positive.

MelodyMelody Bell

After years of competent magazine publishing and writing, Melody has embarked on her journey of motherhood, at which no-one feels competent at first! She’s prepared to be open and vulnerable about the challenges she faces and, like all the other panellists, isn’t short of an opinion.

ShonaShona Solomon

Shona is counting down the days until her two teenage sons leave home. With decades of business experience behind her, she specialises in straight talking, loud laughter and delicious food.

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