Thursday, December 3, 2020
Tags Emergency Response

Tag: Emergency Response

Philippines hit with multiple magnitude 6 earthquakes

ADRA are on the frontlines distributing aid to people who have lost homes and loved ones.

Update: ADRA helping out in Qld/NSW flood regions

ADRA emergency management teams are responding to major flooding in northern New South Wales and southeast Queensland.

Local response to Haiti hurricane

ADRA Australia chief financial officer Melville Simonsz has been seconded to the global ADRA network’s emergency response team in Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

One month: snapshots from Nepal

Simon Lewis and his family lived and worked for ADRA in Nepal for four-and-a-half years before coming to work for ADRA New Zealand in late 2014. Following last month’s devastating earthquake he was rushed to Nepal to help with ADRA’s response.

ADRA prepares for disaster

ADRA workers rushed to a coastal village south of Auckland in late October to offer aid and assistance in the wake of Category 3 Cyclone Bigwind. But although the preparations were as realistic as possible, the cyclone was completely imaginary.
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