Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Tags Elijah

Tag: Elijah

The great antidote

It seems there is a great epidemic of loneliness in our society. It is growing and it is contagious. Does the Church already have the cure?

Prayer conference sets goal of reconciliation

"The Spirit of Elijah: If My People Pray" was the theme of the recent prayer conference held at Stuarts Point, NSW.

The Ten: Great acts of faith

We can learn a lot from these acts of faith! Did your favourite make it onto the list?

Never alone

No one is perfect. But everyone is capable of redemption.

Clouds in the sky

Clouds are always present but we rarely give them much thought. Yet clouds hold symbolic and literal significance in a number of biblical stories.

No resting place

Conviction, the Holy Spirit’s call, the Father running unashamedly, wrapping you in His arms, to fill you, calm you or convert you. Remember that feeling?
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