Friday, January 22, 2021
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Tag: disability

Helping the blind and deaf

Lee Dunstan stumbled through the pitch blackness, eventually falling flat on his face. The experience left him in a lot of pain and with a very important lesson.

Disability program attracts PAU students

A number of business students from Pacific Adventist University have been inspired to do more for disadvantaged people after spending five weeks working with the Papua New Guinea Assembly of Disabled Persons.

Walk with Jesus

God brought Upulilo Melemele through the pain of a broken heart and a broken body. He is now on a mission to bring the saving love of Jesus to his homeland of Tokelau—the last unreached country in the South Pacific Division.

A caring place

I struggled to focus on the paediatrician’s words: “What do you know about autism?” I looked back blankly. The doctor continued: “Your son will probably never speak. He has very low muscle tone, so he may never walk . . ."
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