Monday, October 26, 2020
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NNZC appoints new president, secretary and CFO

Pastor Bob Larsen has been elected the new NNZC president. He will serve alongside Rosalie McFarlane as general secretary and Kheir Boutros as chief financial officer.


The 2015 General Conference Session is over. Some have left San Antonio elated. Their views confirmed. Their anointing recognised. Their faith rejuvenated. James Standish isn't one of them.

SPD GC delegates check in at San Antonio

Delegates from across the South Pacific have gathered in San Antonio for the 60th General Conference Session.

GC Session 101: The nominating committee

Understanding the process of choosing leadership for the Adventist Church.

GC Session 101: discovering the delegates

Just who are these church "delegates"? How are they chosen? What are their responsibilities at a General Conference Session as they function in their role?

Grace and wisdom

Dr Barry Oliver asks church members to pray for the delegates who have been asked to assume the responsability of representing the Seventh-day Adventist Church at the upcoming General Conference Session.
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