AUC’s constitution amended at special constituency meeting

Pastor Glenn Townend also attended the constituency meeting.

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The constitution of the Australian Union Conference (AUC) was amended at a special constituency meeting held in Sydney on June 20, to permit constituency meetings to occur virtually and delegates to cast votes remotely.

The AUC Executive Committee, based on changes to the model constitution approved by the General Conference Executive Committee in October 2020, called for the changes to the constitution so the already delayed regular constituency meeting—scheduled to take place from August 29 to September 1—would not be affected in the face of COVID-related border closures.

More than 60 delegates from local conferences attended the short meeting, which was also attended by South Pacific Division (SPD) president Pastor Glenn Townend and SPD CFO Rodney Brady.

“We are relieved that the meeting was able to go ahead and this significant change to the constitution was made,” stated AUC general secretary Pastor Michael Worker.

“The manner in which the previous constitution was written meant that we had to convene face-to-face to make these changes, but this means that we can be confident that our regular constituency meeting can go ahead on August 29, no matter what restrictions are imposed at that time.”

Due to COVID-19, many Seventh-day Adventist entities have had to postpone and reschedule constituency meetings due to border closures and lockdowns. Similar changes will be made to all constitutions across Australia, the South Pacific and around the world to ensure the work of the Church can proceed in an orderly manner and allow for the regular operations of the entities to continue.

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