Monday, August 19, 2019
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Inclusive or exclusive Christianity?

A look at the general attitude of the Christian Church towards people with special needs.

Scholarship supports sign language speaker

This scholarship will help a young person develop into a qualified Auslan interpreter, providing more opportunities for Deaf outreach in Australia.

Stop, listen and learn

Have you ever taken the time to "look at" or engage personally with a disabled person? When you do, you’ll soon realise that you begin to notice the person and forget the disability.

Deaf pastor guest ‘speaker’ at camp

This year's Australian Deaf camp featured a deaf "speaker" for the first time.

Deaf community now have their own Hope Channel

The dedicated online channel contains a variety of Adventist video productions and is operated by Deaf church members.

Church reaches out to the Deaf

For the first time, the Adventist Church is presenting and broadcasting a weekly AUSLAN-signed church service for the benefit of the Deaf community.

Helping the blind and deaf

Lee Dunstan stumbled through the pitch blackness, eventually falling flat on his face. The experience left him in a lot of pain and with a very important lesson.

Sigh of the Saviour

We all use non-verbal vocalisations such as laughter, cries and sighs to express our emotions. We let out sighs of frustration, despair, disgust and yearning. Jesus was no different.

Local church wins grant for hearing impaired

Logan Reserve Adventist church has been awarded the Christian Services for the Blind and Hearing Impaired ministry’s Personal Pursuit and Empowerment Scholarship grant for 2015.

Church reaches out to deaf

An Adventist church in Queensland is reaching an often overlooked demographic with a range of initiatives.
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