Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Tag: conspiracy theories

The psychology of vaccine hesitancy

Can the church help? Some tips on how to converse with those who speak against COVID-19 vaccination.

How to back the correct conspiracy

Pandemic or "plandemic"? Justin Boyd addresses the Adventist bias towards apocalyptic prophecy and conspiracy.

Conspiracy in a time of COVID

Have we, as Adventists, become hypervigilant in looking for secret knowledge and special understanding at the expense of our credibility? Jarrod Stackelroth discusses.

YouTube mania and the church disconnect

Dr David Pennington says there is a growing and concerning number of senior church members who are watching YouTube religiously.

The end of the One project

Given the controversy, the reality and the rumours, is the Church better off for the One project?

Nicholas Miller talks the reformation, politics and social issues

Why the Church cannot stay silent on the political and social issues of today.

The conspiracy cure

“Global Economic Crisis in September!”
“Pope and President to set up New World Order!”
 “US Dollar’s Collapse Imminent!”

Book launch reminds of Bible prophecy’s role

The launch of an Avondale academic’s Old Testament reading of Revelation has reminded Seventh-day Adventists of why they read Bible prophecy: to reveal Jesus Christ.


It didn’t matter where Joshua Corda looked—at signs, number plates, clocks or speedometers—the same numbers kept popping up everywhere. What did they mean? Was the universe trying to tell him something?

Top 10 stories of 2013

Before we dive too far into 2014, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the biggest stories of the past year.
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