Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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The Ten: Tips for making your church an inviting community

So, you want to attract unchurched people? Here are some ideas to make your church an inviting place for people who normally wouldn't set foot inside.

Book Review: If You Can Eat . . . You Can...

Dr Peter Roennfeldt's latest book offers "a real and refreshing" alternative to the problem—and privilege—of sharing Jesus.

Churches and children the focus of leadership weekend

With the theme "Revitalisation", church members from across North New South Wales received tips and encouragement to ignite a spiritual renewal in their churches.

Roll out the welcome mat

Remember the first time you visited a new church and how awkward you felt not knowing anyone? It's time to take a look at how effective we are at welcoming.

My ministry: Google Maps evangelism

How to make the most of Google's free advertising service for your church.

Five marks of successful church plants

Recapturing the Adventist movement of old . . . today.

First impressions

Does your church's appearance and atmosphere draw people in or drive them away?

Adventist builder sets sights on global development

Australian Peter Koolik builds church in city that once expelled his convert grandfather.

Rebuilding for the future

A group of Australian volunteers went on a fly’n’build trip to Vanuatu, aiming to rebuild two of the Adventist churches destroyed by Cyclone Pam last year. During their trip, they were able to double their expectations and finish building four churches.


Here's something to wrap your head around: the greatest leader in history was . . . a carpenter. If there was one person who, by any normal reckoning, should not have been a leader, it was Jesus.
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