Monday, August 19, 2019
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Tag: Cambodia

My Ministry: Adventist Motorcycle Ministry Victoria

Where a passion for motorbikes is an avenue for sharing an even greater passion: Jesus Christ.

International Children’s Care placed in voluntary administration

The charity formerly known as International Children's Care Australia has been placed into voluntary administration.

Mission: Mountaintop or mustard seed?

The small moments in mission—and in life—are just as valid as the large ones.

Adventist youth ‘be the sermon’, break records

Hundreds of thousands of Adventist young people shared Jesus’ love in 132 countries for Global Youth Day on Sabbath, March 21, setting a new record that surpassed organisers’ expectations.

Family celebrates graduation together

Two generations of one family received three awards in as many levels at Avondale College of Higher Education’s year end graduation celebration this past weekend.

Sanitarium shows spirit of service in Cambodia

Building latrines, planting community vegetable gardens and sailing 300m through the air on a flying fox don’t normally feature in the working week of Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing employees.

Curry lunch at launch

“I’ve always had ‘launch a curry’ at the top of my bucket list,” quipped James Standish, “after tonight, I can finally strike it off!”

Curry from heaven

There are lots of things I don’t know, but when it comes to curry—Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Burmese—I’m your man.

Delicious development

The people of Cambodia have managed to both address their painful history and move past it. The economy is growing, the population is young, and the land is full of vibrance and surging with ambition.

For each has a gift . . .

It was a meeting of hearts, minds and hands in Cambodia. A week at work like none other for 13 Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing employees who recently travelled there to serve alongside the Adventist Development and Relief Agency.
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