My Ministry: Adventist Motorcycle Ministry Victoria

Some of the members of AMM Victoria gathering outside a local church.

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Adventist Motorcycle Ministry (AMM) Victoria is a group of Seventh-day Adventists who have a passion for motorbikes, and who use this passion to share their greater passion for Jesus in ministry.

AMM is a worldwide ministry, recognised by the General Conference in 21 countries. AMM Victoria began in April 2013 when a small group of Adventist bikers, including Chris Howard-Bath, Danny Korbas and myself, met and decided to explore the possibilities of using our passion for bikes in this new type of ministry.

AMM Victoria visit churches, where we take the Sabbath School lesson, church service, children’s story, and promote AMM to the congregation. Meeting points are usually petrol stations, where we always pray before riding as a group to the church. In cooler and wetter months we visit the more local churches around Melbourne and in the warmer months we visit the longer distance country churches.

AMM Victoria on their run to Bundoora in May 2019.

I must admit that, at first, I didn’t know how Adventist churches would warm to a bunch of bikers wearing leather jackets and jeans, let alone react to us running their church programs. Yet, I am constantly amazed as every single church has not only welcomed us with open arms but always invite us to come back! One church we visited recently wrote:

“May God bless such a wonderful ministry that you carry out with people in need and with people who haven’t found Christ as yet. We were truly blessed that Sabbath AMM came to our church and our children were inspired by your team and the missionary work that you undertake.”

AMM Victoria has also raised around $A14,000 for “Connecting Hands”, an organisation that rescues young kids from prostitution in Cambodia. We also raised money to help the family of a newborn with major health issues, and are currently paying for a couple of young boys to attend a Christian school to hopefully keep them out of the drug scene. We have been involved in feeding gang members and the homeless in Melbourne as well as supporting literature evangelists in western Solomon Islands.

The AMM team taking the church service at Carrum Downs church, late last year.

A couple of highlights this year was seeing a small rural church with a membership of around six overflowing to 53, with more than half being non-Adventist bike riders and first-time attendees. Another highlight will be seeing Wayne and Chris, who we met at a bike function, baptised very soon. Wayne and Chris have been a huge blessing to us, and are now active members of AMM Victoria.

At AMM, our motto is “Where Every Ride is a Mission”. Every ride is a tremendous mission opportunity and when the occasion arises we give away health and Christian literature, often to other bike riders we meet along the way. We have had some God-ordained experiences where we definitely see His miraculous leading.

AMM Victoria is not a club; it’s a ministry and it’s open to all who would like to get involved. Spouses and children are not only welcome but also are an intricate part of the team.

If you’d like to get involved, you can find us on Facebook: Adventist Motorcycle Ministry Victoria. We are always happy to have new bikers join us.

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