Thursday, May 23, 2019
Tags Bullying

Tag: bullying

Adventist School says ‘no way’ to bullying

Avondale School is standing up to bullying and saying 'No way'. . . literally.

Adventist school gets top marks for kindness

Brisbane Adventist College is aiming to be the kindest school in Brisbane—if not the world!

A critical spirit

Are we a people of peace or a pack of finger-pointers?


Solomon said words can “pierce like swords”. He was right. Words can kill, and sometimes all it takes is a single thrust.

Strings of hope

Before he became the violin virtuoso, Jaime Jorge was a small boy being threatened with death in Communist Cuba.

Picture book helps children say “Stop”

As the titles suggests, a new picture book is helping younger children say, “Stop! I don’t like that!” in response to abuse, bullying, violence and unwanted touching.
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