Adventist School says ‘no way’ to bullying

Avondale School's stance on bullying was clearly visible from the air.

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Avondale School in Cooranbong (NSW) has taken a stand against bullying in a big and noticeable way.

Students and staff assembled on the school oval to form an unambiguous message—“Bullying. No Way!”—to mark Australia’s National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence on March 15.

Secondary campus wellbeing coordinator and PDHPE teacher Ken Tosen said “it was a great thing” for the entire school to do together.

“Making a stand against bullying collectively makes it easier for students to be an ‘upstander’ rather than just being a bystander,” added Mr Tosen.

Aside from taking part in the public message, students were also encouraged to consider how bullying can affect their school community on a personal level.

A headline of “I Can” was written on a wall at the school to prompt students to consider ways they can stand up against bullying and making a difference in their school and local community.

The “I Can” wall.

“Seeing the children write on our ‘I can’ wall encouraged me that each child would take on the responsibility of stopping violence and bullying,” said Avondale School primary campus wellbeing coordinator and Year 5 teacher John Venegas.

“We want our school community to have these conversations more often and help this emerging generation to not stand idly by but stand together as one and say ‘No Way’ to bullying.”

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