Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Tag: Bible Society

Hymnfest raises $6k for Indigenous ministry

The concert drew an 800-strong audience and raised more than $A6000 for the Bible Society's Indigenous ministry.

Sabbath defence

James Standish says there is a growing movement within our Church that irrevocably undermines the foundation of the Sabbath, and much more. It's a very real challenge—one the Western Church seems not ready to deal with.

Adventist leader publicly defends the Sabbath

What do we do when an eloquent and influential person writes something we believe contradicts the Bible? Feel intimidated? Shrug our shoulders and walk away? Get angry and rude? Or do we respectfully engage?

My ministry—Glen Gillis

Wives have a way of influencing their husbands and, as I like bike riding, she talked me into doing The Big Australia Ride with her.

Good News Bible most popular version

ONLY seven per cent of Australian church-goers prefer reading the King James Version of the Bible compared to other versions, according to a survey by the Bible Society.

New Chinese Bible after 91 years

When selecting a Bible in English one is almost spoilt for choice, but those who read the Chinese Bible they've have had to wait 91 years for an update.
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