Monday, September 16, 2019
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Adventist Church leaders respond to Sri Lanka tragedy

South Pacific Division president Pastor Glenn Townend and General Conference president Dr Ted Wilson were among those who released statements expressing their condolences.

Beat fear

Nice, Paris, Brussels, Baghdad, Sydney, Istanbul, Baton Rouge. Another day, another attack. We live in a world gripped by fear. But there is an antidote.

Armed attackers kill 7 Adventists in Cameroon

Seven Seventh-day Adventist believers have been killed in a nighttime attack in northern Cameroon.

Sabbath defence

James Standish says there is a growing movement within our Church that irrevocably undermines the foundation of the Sabbath, and much more. It's a very real challenge—one the Western Church seems not ready to deal with.

Two Adventist pastors killed in two days

Two Adventist pastors were killed in armed ambushes in Guatemala and the Philippines last week, highlighting the danger that some church workers face in restive regions of the world.

Boko Haram suspected in burning of church

A Seventh-day Adventist Church official in Northern Nigeria said the terrorist group Boko Haram destroyed an Adventist Church last month after members fled the area.

PNG Adventist school attacked

Four students and a staff member have been injured in an attack on an Adventist school in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
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