Friday, October 30, 2020
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Asian Aid appoints new CEO

Paul Esau will officially begin in February. 

Asian Aid Australia appoints new CEO

New Asian Aid CEO Wayne Ulrich says that his travels and work assignments—some dangerous and life threatening—have taken him on a journey of gaining a deeper understanding of a shared humanity and hope.

Finding friends in a foreign land

Nepal, and its people, are not as foreign as we might think.

Poetic Justice for Asian Aid

Poetry enthusiasts from all over the Central Coast gathered on Thursday at Avondale College for Asian Aid’s Poetic Justice evening.

Asian Aid celebrates 50 years

Birthday cake, balloons and lots of laughter were just a glimpse into Asian Aid’s 50th anniversary celebrations this past weekend.

No need for Sherlock

Avondale senior lecturer Dr Brad Watson's PhD is the first to examine history and development of child sponsorship.

The child sponsorship challenge

With billions of dollars raised for millions of children, child sponsorship is a significant source of humanitarian aid. Yet there has been little assessment of its claim to bring positive change.

Beauty with scars

Her face was rotting and unrecognisable. Yet for Nicole Sandy, this young Indian girl was the most beautiful person she had ever seen.

Manifest celebrates stories & the spoken word

A Seventh-day Adventist arts festival has celebrated and explored the oldest and purest form of storytelling during its annual celebration of faithful creativity.

Children on a mission

With a goal and a mission there is little to stop children from achieving great things.
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