Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Tag: adventist students association

ASA Summit equips campus ministry leaders

The Adventist Students Association (ASA) Summit is designed to equip and empower young Adventists that run on-campus ministries at public universities across the country.

My Story: Samuela Kaloulia

Discover how Sam and his Adventist Students Association team are making a difference within the "cultural melting pot" of University of South Pacific.

200 tertiary students share their faith

“It’s not only to get a degree and a good job. While they are in that institution they are an ambassador for Christ to share their faith and lead someone to Jesus.”

Church leaders look to end youth exodus

Adventist youth leaders from across Australia recently gathered at Australian Union Conference (AUC) headquarters in Melbourne to discuss the ever-increasing problem of young adults walking away from the Christian faith.

Young people make waves in Fiji

The World Changers project continues to make waves around the Pacific with 134 World Changers baptised on April 19 at three locations across Fiji.

Not alone at uni

There are so many uncertainties when you enrol at university. There is one thing that is certain, though, and that is that Jesus has promised to be with you throughout your time at university.
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