Saturday, January 18, 2020
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The walls are coming down within Adventist Media, paving the way for some exciting changes.

Changing of the guard

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific has seen a number of significant leadership changes over the past few weeks. "So what?"

SPD merges departments into single ministry

South Pacific Division leaders have developed a new church leadership structure that will see several key departments merge into one overarching ministry.

Adventist Media gets new CEO

Kalvin Dever has been appointed CEO of Adventist Media.

Gold, silver and bronze for Adventist Media

Adventist Media team members received gold, silver and bronze awards for outstanding writing and design at this year's Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA) awards.

CEO to leave Adventist Media

Neale Schofield, CEO of Adventist Media, has asked for a leave of absence after seven years in the role.

Changing history one heart at a time

Think of a globe. Divide its circumference into thirds in your mind. And then imagine a division so immense it stretches one-third of the circumference of that globe. That is the South Pacific Division.

Former Adventist Media CEO passes away

Warren Judd, former CEO of the Adventist Media Center in California, passed away at his home this morning.

More Adventist stories than ever before

There are now more news stories about the church than ever before—all in the one place before. It’s on the Internet, on Twitter, and it runs about 100 Adventist news stories a week.
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