Adventist Media staffed for success

Jean Tiran (left) and Tim McTernan.

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Recent strategic staffing additions at Adventist Media (AM) will strengthen the business and help get its products out to a wider range of people, according to AM CEO Dr Brad Kemp.

AM recently appointed commercial manager Jean Tiran and marketing manager Tim McTernan, who are both based full-time at the Wahroonga office in Sydney.

“AM has a diverse portfolio,” said Dr Kemp. “Video production, our Bible correspondence school, editorial—we needed to strengthen ourselves in the area of good financial leadership and in marketing, not just to the Church but to the broader community.”

Mr Tiran comes to AM from Life Health Foods—one of the Sanitarium group of companies—where he served as finance manager for both Australia and New Zealand from 2007.

“I have a passion for people,” said Mr Tiran. “Although incredibly passionate about our food business, my prayer was to pursue a purpose-driven life at the forefront of our Church’s mission.

“A few months ago I heard about the role with Adventist Media. I knew straight away that this was where I was meant to go. I am extremely excited to be joining the AM team and hope to make a real difference.”

Jean Tiran with a cheetah.

Mr Tiran grew up in South Africa, becoming an Adventist through the influence of friends, Pastors Norman Hurlow and Adrian Webster. Before moving to New Zealand in 2007, Mr Tiran spent four years working with cheetahs.

According to Dr Kemp, Mr Tiran’s skills from the food manufacturing industry will be well suited to benefit AM’s production and publishing operations.

Mr McTernan started his career at Sanitarium before working in a number of commercial companies, most recently as a marketing manager in the telecommunications industry.

“[Tim’s] marketing background is not just how to get a product out there but validating through testing and market indicators,” said Dr Kemp. “He has a good handle on whether the product is the right product and will put some rigour into why we develop what we develop.”

“I’m excited about joining the team at Adventist Media,” said Mr McTernan. “The role of marketing and sales manager combines my passion to share the good news about Jesus and my interest in marketing. I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity.”

Mr McTernan, his wife Nikki and their two children Jaden (14) and Keira (11), have relocated from the South Coast of NSW. Mrs McTernan has also started a new role this year as a teacher at Wahroonga Adventist School.

“Both guys are passionate about mission, committed to the mission of the Church and see that by being part of Adventist Media they can make a contribution to advancing the mission of the Church,” Dr Kemp said.

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