Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Tag: Adventism

Worldly Adventism

Sabbath is a defining belief and practice of what it means to be Seventh-day Adventist. But what Sabbath looks like—how we "keep the Sabbath"—is not so straightforward.

Adventist anti-Christs

Scared into salvation? Jarrod Stackelroth says fear-mongering can only lead us to bad theology and even worse practice.

Michael Campbell talks 1919 in 2019

The church history academic and author explains why a Bible Conference held 100 years ago still matters today.

Murwillumbah celebrates 100 years

Murwillumbah Adventist Church has celebrated 100 years of bringing Jesus' good news to their community in north New South Wales.

The picture of Jesus

A story of how one woman's life changed by simply answering her front door.

What is the central truth of Adventism?

Pastor Ted Wilson, our General Conference president, is to be commended for his earnest appeal for revival and reformation as our greatest need. It’s an appeal for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in latter rain power. What focus will bring such a reviva

Primal Adventism

The stream of Adventism is fed by the teardrops of the Great Disappointment.

Ready for revival?

Do you know what your spiritual gift is?
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