The radiant invitation

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As I stepped onto the Oksapmin airstrip, I was greeted by a vibrant crowd eagerly awaiting the start of the PNG for Christ program. Amidst the excitement, I was drawn to a remarkable tale shared by both the program’s security team and the villagers themselves—a tale of an otherworldly illumination that had graced the advertising board just days before my arrival.

According to the testimonies, a brilliant light had bathed the advertising board in an ethereal glow for two consecutive nights prior to my landing. This phenomenon, witnessed by security personnel and villagers alike, was more than just a logistical marvel; it was a profound sign of Divine invitation.

The radiant beacon, shining brightly against the backdrop of Oksapmin’s rugged terrain—a place devoid of electricity and phone network connectivity—served as a compelling call to the predominantly Baptist community. It beckoned them to the upcoming program with an irresistible allure, stirring hearts and igniting a fervent anticipation for what lay ahead.

The lesson I learned? God goes ahead of us on the ground.

In the midst of the challenges and uncertainties of Oksapmin, where modern conveniences are scarce, this luminous display was a powerful reminder of God’s presence leading the way. An average attendance of 1300, as reported by ushers and organisers, underscored the community’s overwhelming response to the invitation.

As I return from this journey in this remote corner of Papua New Guinea, I am reminded that indeed, God is ahead on the ground, guiding us and illuminating the path to transformation and renewal.

Toma Naivalu is a pastor in the Fiji Mission. Shared from his Facebook page with permission.

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