Journey of faith for Wind Valley church

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Hidden in a valley on the outskirts of Honiara City, in the Solomon Islands, is a small church called Wind Valley Seventh-day Adventist church.

Wind Valley is a church plant of the White River Adventist church, which began in late 2008.

What started as a small meeting place for church members living in the neighbourhood became a semi-permanent church which meets every Sabbath, providing a variety of programs.

Denver Newter, one of the current church elders, recalls the humble beginnings of the church as a journey of faith.

“It’s a miracle when one day, a neighbour approaches our church leaders and informs them about selling part of his land to the church, an offer the leaders took into action and now, today, we have secured a new area for the church,” said Mr Newter.

The church has overcome issues with land ownership and financial difficulties, and the land is now registered and owned by the church.

Almost 16 years after the church began, with much prayer and support from within the church and outside, Wind Valley members are looking towards constructing a permanent church structure.

Kenneth Pata, one of the founders of the church plant and a member of the church building project, explains that their biggest challenge is in terms of financial support to kick-start construction.

“We are looking for support to help us build a permanent structure where our members and young people can enjoy fellowship and worship each Sabbath as well as to share God’s commission to people within the community,” Mr Pata said.

Despite the challenges, church members are looking forward with optimism and hope that their church can become a centre of influence in their neighbourhood.

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