Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Watered-down sermons

Are modern pastors preaching like Ellen White?

How to give birth to a church

Judea Seventh-day Adventist Church is a newly-established congregation in Solomon Islands, thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit and the Kwailabesi church community.

Elders retreat focuses on leadership

The event, held at Pacific Adventist University’s Koiari Park campus, included a special focus on developing spiritual leadership for the end times.

Aussie Pastor winning souls for Christ

Just 10 months after launching on free-to-air TV, Pastor Lloyd Grolimund’s The Aussie Pastor series has hit 20,000 viewers and received international recognition.

PNG leaders meet, plan and worship in Lae

If current growth trends continue, Adventist membership in Papua New Guinea (PNG) will reach 300,000 before the end of 2017. And, thanks largely to PNG, membership across the South Pacific Division is likely to hit the half million mark.

Wewak Adventists prepare to break down walls

Gander Memorial Church in Wewak, Papua New Guinea, has a problem, but it’s a good one.

New research suggests secrets of evangelism

It’s time to bust some myths about Christianity in Australia.

Growing your church

The only way you can grow your church is to keep first-time visitors and regular members coming back.

A question of mission

How to make your local church part of a multiplying movement.

Church planting the focus of SPD conference

Being a church member is important but being an ongoing disciple grows out of that.
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