The Logical Christ Hypothesis 

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An Answer to Disbelief — Gennaro Cozzi

Some years ago, as part of a project I was working on at the time, I went looking for Adventist books addressing apologetics—presenting arguments for faith, belief in God and a Christian worldview. I was surprised to find that this seemed a rare topic in Adventist publishing. Paradoxically, we have often been happy to ride on the philosophical coat tails of other Christian thinkers for the foundational arguments, before turning on them to point out the shortcomings of their faith and urging the importance of our distinctive Adventist doctrines.

So The Logical Christ Hypothesis offers a unique contribution to the Adventist bookshelf—in a number of ways. Author Gennaro Cozzi is a long-time member of the Wantirna church in suburban Melbourne, but he draws on his European education to engage with different authors and thinker than we might rarely encounter in generic Christian apologetics, including a number of quotations he translated from his native Italian for the purposes of this book. 

Presented as a series of conversations with the author, his wife and a couple with whom they are friends, these short narrative sections allow pauses for reflection in a format that draws the reader into their conversations. Cozzi’s project is to make the case for Jesus Christ apart from the Bible. He engages with world history, mythology, philosophy and psychology to urge the collective human need for a Catalyst, something that would transform humanity and our human predicament. 

As such, The Logical Christ Hypothesis addresses the biggest idea and our biggest human needs for healing, rescue and restoration. It is a unique and passionate contribution to the arguments for why we can and must take Jesus seriously in our world today. For those who are practising faith, it will affirm and grow our understanding. For those who are seriously questioning or exploring whether Christian faith offers anything important or worthwhile to our world, The Logical Christ Hypothesis earnestly but gently invites us to join and continue the conversations we become a part of by reading this book and by sharing it with friends, neighbours or family members.

The Logical Christ Hypothesis is available from Adventist bookshops in Australia and New Zealand, or online.

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